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Flat tire Services:

  • On Site Tire Changing
  • Spare Tire installed
  • Low Profile Tires also Serviced
  • Rim Locks Removed will assist any motorist with tire services for most vehicles. Our experienced service technicioans are trained for road side assistance. However, sometimes there are circumstances that may prevent on site tire changing. If you vehicle is disabled from a flat tire on a busy street we will relocate the vehicle to perform the tire service that is needed.

Low profile tires can also provide a unique challenge if the vehicle is equipped with custom dressing or skirting. If your vehicle is too low to insert the dynamic wheel lift safely, it may be necessary to remove the front vehicle dressing to perform the tire service or tow. We are not responsible for either the removal or replacement of the vehicle dressing. It will be the customer's responsibility to seek a mechanic of their choice for the reinstallation of the vehicle dressing.

Tire service includes removal of the flat tire and installation of the spare tire, other wise also known as (donut). We can also perform on the spot plugging of tread penetration with tire plugs. Tire damage that has been caused by side penetration will not be serviced on site. You will be transported to a tire center of your choice, or one of our preferred service stations.