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Car Lockouts Have Changed and Here is Why:

  • Newer Cars Have Side Impact Air Bags
  • Some Vehicles Can ReLock Themselves
  • Newer Cars Have Only One Lock
  • Free Lockouts if Child Under 2 is Locked in Vehicle

24hrtowingchicago.com can respond quickly you when your keys have been locked in your vehicle. NO DAMAGE vehicle openings are considered our specialty. We can quote a price in most cases over the phone, however there are times when we have to see the vehicle and the locking mechanisms of the vehicle. If you absolutely have to have a price before the technician attempts to open the vehicle, all you have to do is ask. We always want our customers to feel like they have received the best possible service we could offer.

If you have a small child under the age of 2 years old, we will unlock your vehicle for no charge.

Important Note: All vehicles are not made to open through standard vehicle opening methods. This is especially true when the vehicle keys are locked in the trunk. Trunk openings are considered very challenging and are not subject to standard opening rates.