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Check list before you Jump Start:

  • Low head lights or no head lights
  • Location of vehicle battery
  • Lose or disconnected cables delivers professional service technicians with years of experience to assist you with battery jumpt-starts for your vehicle when your battery has lost some of its starting power. This happens usually when the lights or radio have been on for a period of time without the vehicle running. It can happen even if you have left your flashers on for an extended period.

Jump Starts are in most cases very quick and easy for our experienced service technicians to remedy. There are exceptions to this if your vehicle battery is located under your rear seats, in your trunk, or covered with plastic under the hood of your vehicle. In these cases we will charge for the extras to remove the seats, or plastics covers and replace them after the attempt to jump start the battery has been finalized.

Please note that other mechanical issues could be the reason the vehicle will not start even though it seems like it could appear to be a weak battery. Newer vehicles have special computers located in the head of the plastic part the vehicle key. Some times the key will become lose its programming due to the exposure to a strong magnet, or possibly the chip in the key has fallen out. These are rare cases, but they do happen.

If you are going to attempt to jump-start your vehicle use caution. Crossing the cables from negative to positive in the wrong direction could cause a wide variety of mishaps to you vehicle and possibly the vehicle that is try to jump start your vehicle. Even though it's just a jump start, it would be a wise choice to leave it to our service personel.


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